bulletin board excerpts
by Poet X
Poet X
Grab Bag
Part II

A little song, a little dance,

a little seltzer down your pants: Another story of (arguably) inappropriate laughter, filed by Poet X of PDX:

"My biggest laugh in years and years happened about a month back at a company meeting.

"Patti sat beside me for the meeting. After more than an hour, a next speaker was introduced. We were told we were going to be told about the Canadian department of the company. 'I have cousins who live in Canada,' Patti whispered. 'They visit every year, and they talk like this?'  ending her sentence as if it were a question.

"The speaker was at the podium by now and began to speak? Of course everything she said ended as if she were asking our opinion? It was very exaggerated?

"Patti and I started to giggle. For nearly 10 minutes, our giggles got louder each time the speaker ended a sentence. Patti and I couldn't even look at each other! She said later she feared we'd be asked to leave the room.

"At last, the speaker finished and we (very) promptly regained composure, relieved just to be able to do so.

"This story needs a punch line here, but there isn't one."

The above appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press column called "Bulletin Board" on November 27, 2002. Click above for current postings.