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by Damien Rice

"O" is, in my "o"-pinion, for "Opera" in the case of Damien Rice's excellent, self-produced "O." Not grand opera, nearly soap opera, but opera.

The song-cycle is strung together with urgency that makes them an emotional roller coaster by the end. I don't recommend hearing these songs "out of order".

In this opera there are four main characters: the singer; Amie, the singer's ex; the unnamed love interest of the singer; and the "lover-boy" or "lover-man" married to the unnamed love interest of the singer.

A tragic doom hangs over the entire CD, a mystery to some. To me it seems easy, the unnamed love is a man. I know it in my bones. He's jilted Amie because he's gay.

Amie, it seems, had a sort of Apocalyptic view of the end of the last century which she still isn't over. A religious fanatic female and a gay man together, what a couple.

Now that I put it that way, I've seen it. More than once.

I've browsed a few other reviews of this CD online and found a scathing one or two. I dismiss them.

I am, however, reminded of another album, Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell" for it's story-telling ability. That album was for a long time a sort of flash-in-the-pan for its creator.

Damien Rice will be appearing in Portland on April 2, 2004, and I've got my ticket. I'll update this page/review and include a review of it here after it happens.

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