2. "The Evening of My Best Day"

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Greg Baysans

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by Rickie Lee Jones

"The Evening of My Best Day" is worth every revisit.

The songs include jabs at President Bush ("He's an ugly man. He grew up to be like his father" from "Ugly Man"). In "Little Mysteries", rife with political intrique and scandal, Rickie Lee Jones mentions how when "those fellows moved in from Texas, they said 'We're gonna take about all that we can take.'" it's not a reach to say of whom she speaks.

"A Tree On Allenford" mixes the melancholy with the hopeful and philosophical, "Every drop of rain that ever fell is always falling on and on," she sings.

"Tell Somebody (Repeal the Patriot Act)" wastes its best line as a fade-off line, "Democracy is only as good as the voices of protest it protects." It's still a rousing anthem.

The music is mostly easy-listening jazz with a touch of torchsong singer thrown in for effect.

"Mink Coat at the Bus Stops" bounces back and forth between funky rhythms and it's harmony-laden chorus of "People need dignity and love, hour by hour, the whole wide world needs love."

"A Face in the Crowd" declares, "I am the last of my kind in this town. Everyone else has gone underground."

The whole album seems like notes from this "last of my kind" character before the body-snatchers succeed.

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