"One More Moment"

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Greg Baysans

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aka Poet X

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by Mindy Smith

This wasn't "found" until 2004.

Mindy Smith voice at times reminds me of Joan Osborne's "Relish" (1995), especially in Smith's "Come to Jesus" and "Hard to Know."

Never really great, nor trying to be, "One Moment More" is an impressive debut. Smith wrote all the material except the unlisted "Jolene" on which Dolly Parton duets.

"Raggedy Ann" is typical of most of the songs, simple and charming.

My favorite song is "Train Song," a country-blues beauty.

The hard-edged "Hard to Know" seems to belong on another album. Other than it, the songs portray Smith as a gentle crooner and song-writer/singer.

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