poetry by Greg Baysans, table of contents


The Amazing Poems

by Greg Baysans

The Amazing Poems of Blaise Cendrars, Intro. In his novel Moravagine (1925), Blaise Cendrars anticipates an airplane flight in which his characters Moravagine, Blaise Cendrars and Bastien Champcommunal, the inventor of this new-fangled airplane, would fly into San Francisco, California, from Salem, Oregon, during their global circumnavigation. These are the poems Blaise Cendrars would have written in Salem and San Francisco had the flight not been postponed by The Great War. All dates are approximate. Salem, Oregon Greg Baysans lives near here and will invent me in 2002. I'm busy with World War I right now, will lose a leg. Lice, my memoirs of the war, won't be written until 1955. Baysans won't read it until 2005, three years after re- reading Kurt Vonnegut's Time Quake, which takes place in 2000, which he first read in 1998. Kilgore Trout, the novel's main character, wrote Venus on the Half Shell, which, no one knows, is a translation of my character Moravagine's novel, originally written in Martian which has only one word, Kay-ray-kuh-kuh-ko-kex, which has over 200,000 definitions. In 1998, Baysans wrote 2007. I will write 2013 in 1912, a deck of cards. I am one of several probable realities, a minor one who endures this shit so a more major reality doesn't have to. Jorge Luis Borges wrote the books of Italo Calvino twice. San Francisco, California Had breakfast with Harold Norse (who met my wife in Europe in the 1950s) in a cafe on Market Street. I was hungover. Met Gore Vidal's father, Eugene, to discuss the purchase of airplane brakes. America is growing hamburger for another war, ignorant citizenry. Visited Sutter's mill. Jack Spicer was stuck in an elevator and didn't show up for the tour. Baysans called from Salem asking where was I.

2005 by Greg Baysans, 3-28-05