One Hundred

by Greg Baysans

. . .

dollars more
the government
says I owe
the three thousand
I paid
in taxes
this year,
one hundred
dollars which
it will then
to the widowed
Okinawan former
exotic dancer
and wife
of the Marine
that raped
their daughter
and her young
and was
to another base
where he
did it again
and was convicted
but granted a
during which
he faked his
suicide, killing
an unknown man,
was given an
honorable discharge,
buried with
all the splendor
of a military
rejoined his wife
and daughters
and again
molested girls
and was caught
and convicted
and committed
real suicide
before sentencing,
leaving his
military status
intact. Maybe
I could just
give her
the hundred
(which I don't
have) myself
along with
my last piece
of bread and

The above is a retelling of the case of Arthur Bennet as reported on MSNBC the week of July 18, 2000. The poem was mailed to the IRS on July 21, 2000, because, as stated above, I have one piece of bread in the kitchen and less than $30.00 in the bank, not taking a few outstanding bills into account. - gb


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