The Next Silent Movie

A film by Poet X


Woke from a dream, read a chapter called "The Dream" then went back to sleep. Sometime include how, when you disobey a red light and walk across the intersection, you've okayed only your own passing, not that of those behind who take it that one person crossing means all can. I've cleared passage only for myself, know my walking speed, have cleared a path and angle. Dear Ralph, are you first finding pages like that? I have come to a place where there is nothing around me. Shovels! It's what one is thrown when he's dug himself into a hole. There was something else though, add a line to a previous: "I had to force myself to not be intimidated by its size"? I should start another movie, a public one. Impossible. This is what it was like to be alive. I don't have a title, unusual. "Notes" just got deleted and replaced. Krapp's last videotape. You have no idea. And Janis has to be the one to remind us "It's all the same ... day." Which expletive did she used that I've deleted? I forget. "We are not here to entertain you." To the desert where I must have wanted to be.

(c) 2000 by Greg Baysans, videographer