Thirty Days in Male-ieu

by Poet X, Part XII (IXX)

. . .

He was Arab and showed me an off-shoot of Male-ieu I didn't know about, a fifteen minute walk back after we went up in car. "So serrrious." Switched from Middle Eastern music to radio. He wanted to fuck me. "You want to suck more cock? Stay here. Every day five thirty." It was five fifteen. He walked away after coming on my chest (sparsely), nice uncut cock though. He'd first met me at the Grove, said "let's go back here" and meant the Balcony or the mini-porch where two guys sat talking, probably homeless, the balcony visible to them from there hence the car ride. But what I noticed pretty soon was the four or five hair waterfountain and figured to him to be a hair god. When I did get to find out which was up at Five Thirty Acres was that it was a total sham, those were the only! five hairs on his chest. So he walked away and I waited about 45 seconds to follow, 45 seconds ahead me was a new guy, I stopped. He did. Looked each other over. He was a middle-aged blond that browns at the roots. He walked away and I attempted to follow then stopped at a tree. A third he was behind me, older bear, came right up to me. Took it out. Tiny. I made it bigger. "I'm in a hurry," he said at one point. He came on my chest too. I loitered in this new acreage awhile but no one else showed up. Five Thirty Acres. How soon will I return?

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