Thirty Days in Male-ieu

by Poet X, Part X (XXI)

. . .

He was tall, at least six foot four, had his back to the middle tree with another guy standing beside him when I first walked through. Walking past them again, shirtless, I got the feeling the big guy wanted me to join them but I didn't because of the hesitation of the other guy. Later I went to my tree. He joined me. Wiry hair on his pecs, a small dick which he kept spitting on his hand to work so I wasn't inclined to blow him. Another guy joined us, interested only in the big guy, a regular. When regular tried to fuck the big guy he came but stayed around to wait for me to come which I did looking at the second guy's chest. Second guy came in my pants which were on the ground. First guys come on my dick, second guy's on my balls. Went and bought meat.

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