Thirty Days in Male-ieu

by Poet X, Part VIII (XXIII)

. . .

He will probably haunt my dreams for months. I headed up to Male-ieu about 11:00 and noticed there were a number of shadows lurking about. Went to my favorite tree and watched as the guy from Winter Grove last night passed. A man passed, dressed in black who looked pretty tasty, five days of beard on his face, an old sort of young. Another guy passed and stopped, black goatee, very slight spare tire. He threw his groin into mine and we were soon doing more than grinding. He kissed my neck softly which was nice but his breath was bad so I didn't return the kiss. He did kiss my nipples, sucked my cock as I jacked him off. He came marvelously onto me and then jacked me off. Seconds after he walked away the guy in black came by and approached me, cradled my crotch. "I should have waited," I said. "I see," he replied, "Got a cigarette?" I lied and said no then followed him up the path. He sat on the steps and I continued to the water fountain. Figuring I could at least talk to him I returned and pulled out two cigarettes. "I'm a terrible liar," I said, giving him one and sitting beside him. Just a god, horse-like jaw with a reddish brown beard, the kind of guy the leather look was invented for. "It's my last pack and I don't have many left," I said, which was true. He fished in his pocket and said, "I'll give you a buck for one more." "I'll take it, I'm unemployed," I said. "Job interview tomorrow so I better get home soon. Sure is busy here tonight. Must be the weather." "It's beautiful," he answered, "I'm gonna get a drink," and off he went but didn't go all the way up the stairs, stopping a few steps up where another guy was sitting. When I passed them, the sitter was giving him head. I went up to the water fountain again and deciced to try to join them, ready for more action by then. They stood and headed up the steps and I went to my tree for awhile then decided to try to find them. Sure enough, walked right to them in a very obscure and rarely used place out on the perimeter of the huge upper lawn. They'd maybe just finished because they parted ways and I returned to the main path. Walked around a bit and was hornier than I'd been when I'd first arrived. After a longish while I returned to my tree and waited and waited. The activity had greatly died down. I ended up jacking off thinking about him. As I headed down the path guess who was coming up the lower steps? I cursed under my breath all the way home.

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