Thirty Days in Male-ieu

by Poet X, Part VII (XXIV)

. . .

He was at the middle tree when I got to "my" tree, dark, about 10:00 p.m. I'd already nearly made it in The Winter Grove with a big man a bit older but after some touching he said, "Later." I'm not sure if the guy at the middle tree, in a white shirt, was someone I'd talked with long ago, we'd done it but after that when I've seen him it's just been a "hi" since he's not much my type. Tonight I was anyone's. We started to fondle each other and after awhile were joined by someone who'd walked by, wide guy. When he'd gotten closer I saw how young he was and that he was just large, not at all obese. Pronounced curve to his sorta skinny dick. Another guy in a baseball cap walked by and this led the young one to walk away. White shirt said it was awkward and I said, "The more the merrier." I excused myself to go to the water fountain and returned to the top tree, not the middle and not "my" tree. Smoked a cig. White shirt was still at the middle tree; I saw the glow from his cigarette. He joined me and asked, "Want to play some more?" "Sure." He didn't notice the baseball cap stop behind us until he joined us. I was most interested, square shoulders and all. Feeling the front of his shorts I knew he was big. Feeling up the leg of his shorts I could feel a jock strap. Feeling up his chest I noticed the leather cinch. I was sucking on White Shirt but not for long. After awhile White Shirt excused himself and not long after that the Wide Guy joined us. I came and worried that I'd have to be rude and leave without pleasing anyone but myself. Wide Guy enjoying jacking the wonderful dick of Baseball Cap, who had a smooth chest but a cute goatee and wore earrings. I continued sucking him and eventually got him to come with just my hand, still on my knees and he poured onto my chest, not gushing and not meager. "Nice," I said, patting his leg, "Have fun." He left. "You have fun, too," I said to the young one, hoping he wasn't too disappointed that I didn't finish him off to but I'd been wonderfully sated. I may return in an hour or two.

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