Thirty Days in Male-ieu

by Poet X, Parts IV and V (XXVII and XXVI)

. . .

He was a jogger (NOT "The Jogger" - please!) and also a nudist, documented more fully elsewhere ("hair on his chest that didn't fully go out to the edges"). An hour or two later and after three boys had had a three way in the Back Room (I was not invited) the Blue Boy at last found the Balcony. Small but thick ring in his nose (you thought "small but thick" was going to have another noun behind it, now didn't you? well, that too) and all he said was "You're pretty high, aren't you?" "Not too much," I said between mouthfuls. He handled me but saved himself for the one entering Male-ieu as I left about whom I said, "Shoulda waited"?

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