Thirty Days in Male-ieu

by Poet X, Part III (XXVIII)

. . .

He wasn't on my mind when I walked to Male-ieu while laundry was in the dryer. Sat in the Balcony and wrote only two pages, uninspired. Time to get back to laundry. I left the Balcony to the left and had to go through The Grove on my way to main path. There he was, leaned back against that tree that grows at an angle. I've reclined on it plenty. Dick of a porn star, hefty, hefty. I was straddling the tree before long and left my mark. A visitor stopped by and left. Did he not like his Clark Cable moustache? He was probably late 40s. Not massively hairy but it was there. After another while and after he came I stated simply, "Nice dick," and he said something similar which was way out of line.

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