From the Editor:

My Right Mind

is about poetry first, good poetry, interesting poetry, fun poetry, a frightening array of poetry, respectable poetry, gutsy poetry, sometimes even ugly poetry. But I ramble. I've done this before. Credentials. In 1984, I co-founded a publication which is still being published, "The James White Review," and was for seven or eight years also an editor. Off and on I would help in selecting the prose that made up the next issue of the quarterly. But always the poetry. And so much of it was good. UPDATE: 1/3/99
OK, so this site isn't taking off but I enjoy doing it, just don't know how to publicize it. Ideas?

But this isn't about the JWR. This is "My Right Mind" and I welcome any poets to submit their work to be considered for inclusion in what is to be a sampling of exciting and varied poems by as wide a range of poets. And it's not about me, though I plan to put a poem of my own in it's pages from time to time. I want this to be a site people will want to read and return to for another edition. "Hey, Joe, saw your poem in 'My Right Mind' yesterday." For a sampling of what kinds of poems to expect -- and that doesn't narrow it down much - see "The Best of the JWR Poetry" link below. Enjoy this site and submit something ASAP for its inaugural.

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