29. "Miss Twin Peaks"

"How we had rested (the question).

"By elevations (the answer)."

- Jerome Rothenberg, "Sightings, I-IX"

* * *

by the Hacker

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Episode Twenty-Nine

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Close the book. You don't want to be addressed.

You don't want to know more. At this point in the poem,

what is needed are nuclear physicists, some kind of scientists, to seek out evil twins, 

to take to the road and investigate even obscure hiding places like the Twin Peaks of Harar,

You don't want to learn of Minot which is close to the center of nowhere: Devil's Lake, near Rugby, N.D.

Will the real, will the real, will the real real real author of this con-fun-undrum please open up? Down? A breakdown in the direction of out, a big bang.

Open up your hymnal to Song 88, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," written by Martin Luther.

I plan to write my next book about him.


Final deliberation by the Head Hacker: 

This e-novel could be set up to be interactive in that readers could suggest changes.

Or specific changes could be made to the text for special occasions. I could include a birthday wish for someone, wait until they've downloaded that "version" of the e-novel, and then remove it an hour, day, year, nano-second later. 

For example, my friend Garry contacted me today and I mentioned this narrative in conversation. He's going to download it and read it later. [It is/was the first "version" of this to appear on paper, April 5, 2003. There have been countless changes made since then.] 

Or for my neice's birthday, I could put her name in place of Lara's just for the day! 

Speaking of Garry, he's provided a real-life example of everything I'm trying to say. He told me today of a person he worked with. Today was the person's last day.

"Mark" has no high school diploma and does not qualify to be a full-time employee because of this. He's worked there for two years, same hours as the other employees but without health or hoiday pay benefits. Garry says he's the most productive person in the department.

Budget cuts or "whatever" have resulted in the lay-off of temp and part-time employees where Garry works.

The person most tearful today when they said farewell to their co-worker of two years was the highest-ranked person in the department, the one Garry says does the least work. (Coincidence: immigrant, like Ali, like my great grandparents.) 

Garry put part of her emotional reaction to the fact that she was acknowledging to herself that she will now have to do more herself.

Garry himself is in a sort of supervisory position but must stand back and watch as this injustice occurs. I see an entire department allow this to happen, silent.

But I digress. 


The poem of Lucas Edwards, "Taken to the Twin Peaks of Harar," ends here, as do the italicized quotations from the Gnome notebook of Ed's mental breakdown in the direction of up so long ago.

The novel of Edward Lacie, Harar: Taken to Twin Peaks, which ended with two possibilities, suggested that Harar was written either by one of the two following characters. Who do you think really wrote "Harar: Taken to Twin Peaks" in early 2003?


Edward Lacie

Jim Post