27. "Variations on Relations"

"Providence sometimes has the same man reappear in several centuries."

- Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac

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by Edward Lacie

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Episode Twenty-Seven

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Instead of the theme song for "Twin Peaks" what is heard is "Lara's Theme" from "Dr. Zhivago" which reminds me of "Quentin's Theme" from the gothic soap opera adored by preteens everywhere in the early 70s: "Dark Shadows".

Our neighbor, Lara, brought over a book she's recently mentioned.

On "Dark Shadows" were several parallel storylines which took place a century or two apart. Barnabas Collins, the main character and vampire, remained constant in the various timelines. The other actors and actresses played different parts and relationships in different times. Brothers in one storyline are strangers a century later. The Salem witch plays a doctor in the present!

"Quentin's Theme" was a violin instrumental released as a single and appeared on the Billboard Top 10 list in the early 1970s.

Her book, The Hidden World of Birthdays, by Judith Turner, copyright 1999, Fireside books (Simon & Schuster), is amazingly accurate, I think:

Edward Wystan Lacie, b. 11-30-76:

"You always win and, therefore, have the most toys...playful...spontaneous...love to turn any situation into a party....Others depend on you for amusement, and you seldom let them down....Your presence is a gift all its own.

"Be careful of your tendency to overdo things, both at work and play. Expect to succeed in careers that center around entertainment...writing, reading, or children."

Jim Post, b. 2-19-??:

"Versatile and full of great ideas, you have the ambition and determination to carry out anything. Good opportunities will come out of nowhere. Others will bring you luck....

"You want commitment but may run away before it happens....When you end relationships, you act unaffected. You hide your emotions, though not very well....Learn to communicate better in relationships.

"You should own your own business. You have a unique style and could invent or create things never done before. You should avoid gambling or speculation when it comes to other people's money. A career as a stockbroker is not adviseable. You take on responsibility early on in life....

"Your share of family crises hurt you. Your youth may not necessarily be an easy one....Determination does win out, so keep reaching...!"

Paul Verlaine, 03-30-1844:

"You have distinct needs and tendencies when it comes to a love relationship. This may be the only area of your life where you follow instead of lead...."

Arthur Rimbaud, 10-20-1853:

"How you look to others means everything to you...more comfortable in relationships than on your own. You need a sounding board and support to succeed.

"You have great organizational skills and will do very well with money....You can make a dollar go a long way. It's crucial for you to find peace and order in (your) environment.

"You're emotionally cool when younger....a problem for you as you get older....your own worst enemy...family is extremely important.

"You would make a great teacher, artist...and don't respond unless you really have something to say."

Greg Baysans, 06-23-1958:

"Some may call you a showoff, and you display yourself and your home like museum pieces. Things of beauty and taste appeal to you. Your energy and enthusiasm are addictive, so your name appears first on the invitation list. You may have hidden talents, and you might be in your mid-thirties before you figure out what you really want to do.

"One big downfall is your impatience with those not as quick as you. When it comes to love, you are totally devoted to one mate, even if it lasts only a week or two. You find it easier to blame others than to take responsibility for problems. After 40, though, you tend to balance that.

"It is most likely that you will have more than one job. A career in entertaining, writing, publishing, or computer graphics could please you. With your restlessness, it wouldn't be surprising if you were in a job with many changes or more than one title.

"You have a strong desire to travel on a constant basis. Your suitcase should always be ready and packed. Or, since you are a risk taker, you could parachute out of planes. You are intrigued by the unusual and unknown, like astrology or psychology. You may come up (F-B-M) with (F-B-M) some of-your-own (F-B-M) theories on life. Consider psychology as a possibility. You take on life and use every minute of your time to enjoy it. But watch out for less active times - this could send you into a depression. So when you're feeling low, all you have to do is get your engine started again."

Blaise Cendrars, 09-01-1887:

"You have unbelievable concentration as well as a well-balanced mind. You are mechanically inclined....

"Your impeccable organizational skills could be put to good use in acting, writing, directing, and definitely, editing. You love to sing, though you may not be very good at it....

"Financially you do well and enjoy great success...."

Poet X, 08-04-71:

"You have a desire to be heard one way or another, whether it be through music, art, or writing, and eventually you will. Nothing less than all is enough for you. You give more than you take. The more glitz and light in your life, the better you like it. The unconventional and unique appeals (sic) to your sense of creativity. Some may see you as eccentric or strange.

"Learn to be patient, especially in love. In time, you will learn balance. It is much simpler to blame others than take responsibility for things running amok in a relationship. You give and give to a fault - it is by far your best attribute.

"Steer clear of addictions of any kind. You have a tendency to act compulsively when you try to ride both sides of the seesaw. As long as your work is rewarding to you, you are at your best.

"Watch closely those extremes! You can stand on the stage and be afraid no one sees you.

"Some possible careers are: movie star, singer, director, writer, restaurateur, deli manager, chef, and magazine editor."

Annie orders her first liquor. I sense murder in the air. Let it go. Let it happen.

She and Cooper flirt. She is newly out of the convent; Cooper, a veteran of the ugly side; what a couple.

How is it Lynch directs this "boy meets girl" so well? Windham Earl has found the door. He's in the cave. He opens the door to the Black Lodge.

Did Lynch direct this episode?

Jim Post asked me to wake him when he left to take a nap an hour ago. I think I'll let him sleep so I can finish watching these tapes to the end. There's not much left to write after I kill him and I'll do that immediately after watching the last episode.

I haven't written in this narrative for a week, avoiding my decision: kill Baysans now? wait until I can hold him for ransom? make him write a new and financially successful poem? book of poems?

I could then publish a book of my explications!

The end of another episode.

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