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Sources for quotes in "Harar: Taken to Twin Peaks" and, for some, translator or other background information.

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Harar: Taken to Twin Peaks

by Edward Lacie

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_1. (Ted Wright) Pilot: As quoted in The Poet and the Murderer, by Simon Worrall. (My notes indicate the word "intention" is spelled "intension" which is also a word but not the one intended.)

_2. (Paul Monette) Traces to Nowhere: From West of Yesterday, East of Summer.

_3. (William S. Burroughs) Zen, Or...: Page 140 of paperback edition.

_4. (Charles Nicholl) Rest in Pain: Hence no quote marks in my overall title, Harar: Taken to Twin Peaks. Page 116 of paperback edition, Somebody Else, by Charles Nicholl, a biography of Rimbaud that gets my highest recommendation.

_5. (J.M. Regan) The One-Armed Man: This poem appeared in The James White Review, Vol. 4, No. 1, 1986; posted at http://members.tripod.com/~poetx/tjwr/11.html.

_6. (Dr. Phil McGraw) Cooper's Dreams: As heard on his afternoon tv show. I presume this phrase is also found in one of his many best-selling self-help books.

_7. (Paterne Berrichon) Realization Time: Rimbaud's brother-in-law [and first biographer] after Rimbaud's death; written under the pen name Pierre Dufour; he was married to Rimbaud's youngest sister who had cared for him as he died.

_8. (Hoshang Merchant) The Last Evening: Poem found on author's website after doing a "google search" for "new Rimbaud". http://www.geocities.com/hoshang_m/spring/love_24-6-00.htm

_9. (Greg Baysans) May the Giant...: From "2007" "Appendices" available at http://www.geocities.com/athens/olympus/4539/xyz/uncr.html

10. (Enid Starkie) Coma: Page 435. (See also notes on his deathbed "conversion" and a priest's comment to Rimbaud's sister [before said conversion?] that Rimbaud's faith was stronger than his own.)

11. (Jacques Prévert) The Man Behiind...: Prévert and the Symbolists, writing 25 years after Rimbaud, consider Rimbaud their spiritual forerunner.

12. (Italo Calvino) Laura's Secret Diary: Translated by William Weaver, page 198 of the paperback edition I have. I was surprised to find the book had been printed in hard cover. I saw a copy at a second-hand charity store for $2.95 (and didn't buy it).

13. (Herman Melville) The Orchid's Curse: Book chosen at random; quote not at random.

14. (Jack Spicer) Demons: "The fourth seal is Jim. A private image." from "A Fake Novel About the Life of Arthur Rimbaud," also by Jack Spicer

15. (Jean-Paul Sartre) Lonely Souls: See also the "seer letter" of Rimbaud.

16. (newspaper account) Drive with a...: From "The Oregonian" (Portland, Ore.).

17. (Armand Silvestre [Arthur Rimbaud]) Arbitrary Law: From parodies written and published, during Rimbaud's brief residence in Paris, as the Zutist Album.

18. (Paul Verlaine) Dispute Between...: Translated by C.F. MacIntyre.

19. (Kurt Vonnegut) Masked Ball: From Palm Sunday, a collection of essays and speeches.

20. (Vitalie Rimbaud) The Black Widow: Translated by Paul Schmidt, from Arthur Rimbaud, Complete Works.

21. (Blaise Cendrars) Checkmate: Translated by Greg Baysans, posted at http://members.tripod.com/~poetx/uu/cend.html.

22. (Jean-Luc Steinmetz) Double Play: Jean-Luc Steinmetz, Arthur Rimbaud, Presence of an Enigma, page 70.

23. (Chuck Larson) Slaves and Masters: As cited in Simon Worrall, The Poet and the Murderer.

24. (Mark Hoffman) The Condemned Woman: Also cited in Simon Worrall, The Poet and the Murderer.

25. (Ayn Rand) Wounds and Scars: Page 686, the character speaking is composer Richard Halley. Page 687, "'I quit,' said Ellis Wyatt, 'because I didn't wish to serve as the cannibals' meal and to do the cooking besides.'"

26. (Allen Ginsberg) On the Wings...: See also, "Please Master" by Allen Ginsberg.

27. (Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac) Variations...: This quote was used by a young Rimbaud as an epitaph for a poem he then composed in Latin!

28. (Randy Smallwood) The Path...: From The James White Review, Vol. 3, No. 1, also posted online at http://members.tripod.com/~poetx/tjwr/04.html 

29. (Wyatt Mason) Miss Twin Peaks: Found at their Website, http://www.pw.org.

30. (Arthur Rimbaud) Beyond Life and...: Une Saison en Enfer, by Arthur Rimbaud, translated by Fred Sauser, A Whole Shift at Broiler (unpublished).

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