1. "Untitled"

"Writing begins with an intension to want to write."

- Ted Wright

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by Fred Sauser

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Episode One

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Example: February 10, 2003, from New York Times News Service story.

As a result, said one engineer familiar with the discussions that took place at NASA in mid-January, the engineers who saw little risk from the debris that hit the Columbia's left wing had scant information to back up their assertion.

I'm thinking of how Bush willed himself into office (though, at last, it took the help of the will of the Supreme Court) in 2000-2001.

It is related to and echoes off of the "Standing in Line" assessment about "Is there ever anything wrong with a competency test?"

Fred Sauser's contribution here is to be a sort of mirror and Cliffs notes version of Edward Lacie's Harar: Taken to Twin Peaks.

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