(30) "Beyond Life and Death" (II)

"I dread winter because it's so coddling!"

- Arthur Rimbaud, "Farewell", A Season In Hell

* * *

by Edward Lacie

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Alternate Ending

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A long story involving an alternate ending explains that the original television pilot for "Twin Peaks" is not commercially available (according to a web site which explains the complex situation: http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/agill/tp/altend.htm. After reading that page, I'm extra glad that I have them on tape, taped from TV.

To reflect the parallel universe that is this narrative, this alternative ending is offered. Unlike the "Twin Peaks" alternate ending which revolves around the first few episodes, this alternate ending is a result of a choice at the end of the penultimate episode.

This is not the ending that Edward Lacie envisioned. (All plans are vulnerable to change.)

I never meant to when I envisioned this novel, but see no harm in confessing that I am really Jim Post. Edward Lacie is an invented persona, one that reflects my interest in literature, an interest not usually found in an auto mechanic, my true profession. 

I've never met Greg Baysans, an actual poet I once heard read in San Francisco (1987, I think, not sure). 

Edward Lacie is like the lover I've always wanted but never met. 

Cendrars is an actual historical figure. 

It was Lacie who wrote the parody of "A Real Education" ("Surreal Education"), though; it's beyond my imagination. I can write prose but have no knack at all for poetry. (Lacie also wrote the "prose poem" that appears at the end of the first "ending" of this, "A Season on Broil" by Fred Saurer.

"A Season on Broil" is actually a complete translation of Rimbaud's A Season In Hell, of course.

Edward is unaware that he has a split personality and a "dark half" much like Cooper ended up with in "Twin Peaks". 

In case you've not discovered and explored them, I can inform you where Edward's "dark side" has installed links to his "dark version" of this narrative which includes extensive excerpts from the poetry version of this book, much referred to in the preceeding narrative. Those links can be found in the Episode Titles "Laura's Secret Diary" (the first such link), "Masked Ball" (links to a specific episode of the "dark version" rather than the overall table of contents), and "Path to the Black Lodge" (and, throughout the text, most references to either the Black or White Lodge is a link to the "hacked" version of this entire story).

Yes, it's a Moebus strip of an ending, I know: 

Edward Lacie does not exist. I, Jim Post, wrote Ed's fake "narrative". Edward Lacie does have an "dark twin" whose name is Luke Edwards. Luke Edwards is a professional computer hacker and built an alternative version of this, my invention. I can tell you before you read it that that entire version is unauthorized; none of it is true.

- Jim Post, February 16, 2003.

Table of Contents:

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